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House and Garden mentions Cultivart Contemporary


(Reproduced from House and Garden Magazine Renovation Special April 2018)

by Elizabeth Wilson

It is little wonder that these two pocket gardens made it into House and Garden Magazine as two of 25 big ideas for small gardens.

This Swanbourne garden has certainly done the rounds after appearing in the Australian Magazine, it has now been picked up by House and Garden along with a gorgeous little outdoor bathroom courtyard. Its amazing what can be achieved with great design.

With so many new homes, being designed to have great connection to the garden, then it really pays to consider the landscaping at the earliest stages of your house design.

After all, its all about the view!

Have a read of this article for some more tips on designing small spaces.

water feature with mosaic tiles and stainless steel water spout designed as part of composite decked area with washed river stones and dado finish wall
succulent bowl on dado finish wall in swanbourne