Carol & Steve, Cottesloe

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful garden/courtyard design you created for us. I can honestly say that you were the first landscape architect who fully understood our vision & the unique character & challenge of our very Mediterranean home.

Your concepts were immediately “right” & required very little change from your original design. The attention to detail with feature tiling, arches, water feature, BBQ & statement doors, has enhanced our tiny courtyard into a tranquil oasis & has added value & beauty to our home & lives.

You were a joy to work with & helped provide us with expert landscapers & builders – who delivered a perfect result. We now look forward to the completion of your new design for our front/entry courtyard in 2014.

Again, our sincere thanks.

Kay, Minim Cove

Two years ago we decided to change our formal front garden to a contemporary designed landscape. Our house is about 20 years old so we were looking for a designer who could design a modern garden and blend it successfully with our house.

I had some ideas of what/where/how I wanted the garden to look, but the design Janine came up with was simply outstanding. With very little feedback from me she seemed to pick up precisely what I was looking for and the result was an intriguing interesting garden, which is a joy to be in. Her creativity, eye for detail and professionalism made me a very happy and satisfied customer.

Mark & Toula, Inglewood

Hi Janine, I did want to let you know we are extremely happy with our Garden it is amazing! The plants have grown already and it is nice to watch everything bloom. The pool is magic, the kids are enjoying it and so are we.

Derick and Dean worked so hard to complete it all and they have done a wonderful job. I could not speak highly enough about their workmanship and respect for our yard. Derick took care of everything and it was a relatively stress free experience, I would recommend them to others. We now have a beautiful backyard, which is such a relaxing space and accommodates all our needs. Thank you for your design and thank you for recommending Derick we are very happy.

Jenny and John, Subiaco

We had our garden designed by Janine in 2009, and I remember her saying she would like to give us a “wow” factor. I can honestly say the she was successful on completion and still continues to look amazing. Although we have a small house, the outdoor area has extended our home giving us a very comfortable living area, not only in summer but throughout the year. Everyone who visits us is amazed with what we have established in our garden oasis, which is very private and well used.


I wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful garden design. The whole garden looks utterly amazing I just loved the plans, and so I had pretty high expectations, but the finished product has just blown my husband and me away. It’s a really beautiful garden.

I also wanted to thank you for giving me Nick’s details. His attention to detail and his super conscientious attitude are such lovely – and rare – traits, that it’s been a pleasure having him and his similarly lovely crew around the house. Anyway, thank you again. If at anytime you want to come and see the finished product, we would be so pleased to see you. Best wishes,

Ted Cleary, Cleary Design Studio, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

As to my take on your work: truly beautiful. It was a rich pleasure looking through your portfolio, and I’ve bookmarked it for future pleasure & inspiration. I don’t know what it is about Australia, but some of the most talented contemporary garden design emanates from there. And bear in mind this is coming from another landscape architect, from whom we’re often jaded by seeing so much good work among colleagues all the time. Your designs are intellectually complex, with a sophisticated layering & integration of different materials, and apparently meticulously well crafted too. Even the best work out there, and certainly the lesser, often feels at least just a little formulaic; your does not. On top of all that, I really like that you’re not bound by the same rigid 90-degree angularity of most all “modern garden design” seen today, by designers who may be quite competent but seem naive to the origins of modernism as practiced by Eckbo, Royston, Rose, Baylis, and other contemporaries who forged that exciting new path back in the late ’30s-thru-’50s. Eckbo was all about the odd angle, the sweeping curve, the diagonal grid set arbitrarily……inspired by painters like Miro’, Kandinsky, and Picasso.