Design Consultations

Studio Consultation: Are you building and want an assessment of your house plans, in terms of layout and how the house will connect with the landscaping? If you haven’t started construction yet, then this is a very worthwhile consultation to discuss what you should allow in the budget for the landscaping, what you get for your money, who should be engaged to do what, and what to consider before signing off on your plans. Elements such as aspect, floor connections, window placement, sun protection, boundary fencing and the position and height of retaining walls prior to building. In fact anything relating to the creation of a beautiful liveable home. (This may also be the first stage of the full design service and should you decide to proceed with this, it will include a detailed design brief which will be emailed to you afterwards.

Fee: $450 + GST

Onsite Consultation: Just want some on the spot advice about layout, materials, or creative advice about a particular area? This consultation is for you – we can discuss individual areas, or just one trouble spot. I can advise you what plants or trees to retain if you are planning on building or renovating. This consultation will give you verbal advice, notes and if appropriate, some rough sketches. It will not include a plan but can include suggested planting, style, feature placement, technical advice and assessment of your existing garden. 

Fee: $500 + GST for the first hour $200 + GST per hour after that.


Planting Consultation

Have your garden beds marked out and you just want to know what to plant? I can do this on the spot for a small garden or courtyard. I can give you advice on how to improve the soil and a list of suitable plants for the areas nominated. This consultation does not include a drawn plan but plants will be listed in report form for each area with both botanical and common names.

Fee: $500 + GST for the first hour and $200 + GST per hour after that.

Contact me for more information

Full Design Service

The full design service starts with an initial consultation either on site or in my studio. It will take about 60 minutes and we will be discussing ideas – yours and mine, what you like and dislike and how you like to enjoy your outdoor space. A detailed design brief will be emailed to you after our meeting along with an itemised fee estimate. The design itself is a two stage process (please see design process tab)

Fee: $200 per hour plus GST. The cost of a landscape design is dependent on the size and complexity of the site and the design. Generally prices will start at $6000 plus GST.

Do It Yourself Design Plans

If you would prefer to manage the installation of your new garden yourself, your design plans will have all the information your require. If you are handy or have someone you would prefer to do the work for you, then everything you need will be on the plan. Please bear in mind however, that I will not provide quantity estimates for materials, or structural drawings. You will have quantities and pot sizes for all planting material. Fee: $200 per hour plus GST. Generally prices will start at $6000 plus GST.

Project Liaison

Professional consulting on site with the installing landscaper. Fee: $200 callout fee then $200 per hour on site.


Public Speaking

Have a special event that you would like a dynamic speaker at? Janine has given many talks over the years about designing gardens. She has been a speaker at Writers festivals, The Mediterranean Garden Society, The Landscape Design Association and other design fests. Please contact Janine for more information.


I prefer all contact to be via email, so I can keep track of projects and conversations. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry about a service.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your landscaping. I like to consider the whole site as a canvas for design and to this end, I prefer to work with you and your architect or building designer before you have finalised your house plans. That way your finished landscape will be well integrated and your garden will not just be the bits left over after the house is finished. I also like to be involved at this early stage so that you can budget adequately for the landscaping.

Real estate surveys suggest that a beautiful garden and/or outdoor space can add up to 20% to the value of your property, so it is worth considering this when you determine your budget. You should allow 10% of the overall value of your property for the landscaping to create a garden that is in line with the location, quality and spec of your home.

You could consider having a design consultation or even doing a landscape design course to help you get started. Some clients invest in a BASIC design, please contact me and I will send some information about this option.

It varies but as a guide, I typically work with clients with a design budget of $6000 plus

They are two different occupations. Think of it as the difference between and architect and a builder. Every great garden starts with a design. The landscaper installs the garden or landscape from the design plans

I have an associate diploma in horticulture and have an excellent knowledge of plants and their specific soil, sun and water requirements.

I can arrange a feature survey for you, and you can usually get the latest plans of your property from the local council for a small fee