Janine Mendel

Landscape Designer Perth

Dip. Landscape Design; Assoc Dip. Horticulture; Cert. Arch. Drafting/Building Design

I founded CultivArt Landscape Design in 1987 and it was a career change for me. I started out as a Cartographer, and then did a certificate in Architectural Drafting and Building Design at TAFE. It seemed like a natural progression to move into landscape design as I have always felt that landscaping and architecture can’t be separated, they are one. I enrolled in horticulture as at that time there was no course in landscape design.

My background in building design taught me the fundamental aspects of design such as colour, texture, form, line, proportion, repetition, scale unity and rhythm.

I have now been designing gardens for 35 years and have designed more than 3000 gardens and landscapes, from tiny contemporary courtyards to large formal estates.

I have resisted the temptation to hang my hat on any particular style, preferring to avoid fleeting or passing trends. I prefer to respond to my client’s lifestyle, the architecture of their home and their own personal style. Within the bounds of good taste, I like to design unique, timeless gardens that surpass popular current trends. I believe there is an enormous difference between good design and ‘on trend styling’.

As a sole practitioner, I have received many awards including the biennial Landscape Award of Excellence three consecutive times. My gardens have appeared in local, national and international books and publications. In 2006, I published my first book ‘Quintessentially Oz’ showcasing 14 of my early landscape designs. In 2012 I published my second hardcover book ‘Urban Sanctuary’ which displays fourteen new inspiring gardens. It became a valuable reference for new students studying Landscape Design for a number of years.

I have also been invited to be a speaker for several conferences, the Margaret River writer’s festival and the Mediterranean Garden Society. I have conducted design workshops for the Open Garden Scheme and given numerous talks about designing small gardens and the importance of considering the private landscape as part of our sustainability goals.

I am passionate about great design and the contribution it will make, not only to the way we enjoy living in our houses, but on a broader scale, to how it can improve the walkability of our streets to create shaded beautiful suburbs. Just one house at a time!

About CultivArt

Cultivart Landscape Design provides design solutions for the creation of unique and beautiful landscapes. A thorough design process ensures that Cultivart gardens exceed client expectations and provide for creative, sustainable landscapes that will retain their aesthetic appeal into the future. From large formal gardens to cutting edge, contemporary courtyards, Cultivart Landscape Design specialises in the design of vibrant and sophisticated outdoor spaces.

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